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At Fluxion, we’re passionate about delivering cell-based solutions that facilitate the transformation of research discoveries into new ways to diagnose and treat patients. By characterizing molecular and cellular mechanisms of disease, Fluxion’s platforms help bridge the translational medicine gap, enabling rapid advances in disease research, drug discovery, and the development of diagnostic tests.

Reveal The True Biology

Fluxion delivers advanced solutions that transform complex cell-based assays. Leading labs across the globe rely on Fluxion's instruments, kits, and lab services to research novel biology, accelerate drug discovery, and tailor therapies based on patient-specific biomarkers.

Fluxion Biosciences

Application Focus

Core Technology

Automated Patch Clamp

IonFlux Mercury 16, HT, Ultra 128, ULTRA 256

IonFlux Mercury Systems

How it Works


Core Technology

Cellular Analysis

BioFlux One, BioFlux 200, Bioflux 1000z, BioFlux DCIS

BioFlux Systems

BF100 Stage with Interface Attached-1

Core Technology

Liquid Biopsy

Spotlight 59 NGS Liquid Biopsy Panels, IsoFlux CTC System

IsoFlux CTC & Rare Cell System

Spotlight Liquid Biopsy NGS Panels



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A Pharmacological Chaperoning Strategy to Restore Trafficking and Function of Pathogenic GABAA Receptors

IonFlux Webinar:

Join us Tingwei Mu, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine

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