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IonFlux Webinar: Advanced fluidics control necessary for unique high throughput voltage and ligand gated assays

The IonFlux HT automated patch clamp system is unique in providing the highest degree of control over fluidics, enabling fast execution of specialized ion channel assays. Using a microfluidic substrate and providing continuous flow, the system enables ligand-gated assays such as GABA and nAChR that demonstrate repeatability, consistency and reliability without the need for additional compounds such as agonist-digesting enzymes.

Join Dr. Ali Yehia from Fluxion Biosciences for a webinar looking at the advanced fluidics of the IonFlux system and how the great control over in-plate liquid exchange facilitates assays for multiple-ligand binding, closed and open channel allosteric modulation or block, and dose response voltage-gated assays.
Example data from customer screens will be presented to illustrate real-world results.